641 Homes is about more than just building modern, functional houses. We also believe in adding more beauty and character to established homes for any of the many reasons that you may choose to renovate. The 641 crew has worked with many home owners to improve established homes not only cosmetically, but functionally, and to improve efficiency.

When should I consider renovating?

There are many reasons to renovate, and many parts of the home that can benefit from some extra love. These reasons can include, but are not limited to:

Updating the aesthetics

Adding amenities

Correcting structural issues

Accomodate a growing family

Improve efficiency

Improve home value

We are experienced builders and general contractors. We can assist in all aspects of the home improvement project include permits, waste removal, inspections, as well as pre and post-renovation appraisals.

Contact us if you are considering a renovation project.
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